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Testing and Quality Assurance

Development outsourcing had become common and small to large companies are utilizing various service providers to achieve their development needs. In many cases, the solutions or products are delivered without proper testing and causes more delay and cost during deployment or maintenance. To manage the risk of a bad solution being delivered, Nubeslab provides various quality assurance service for the below: 

Testing and Quality Assurance
Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Web application: Provides a wide range of time and cost-efficient web application testing projects to ensure our clients are provided with the solution that meets the highest function, security and usability standards.
  • Mobile application: Provides our clients with highest quality mobile application testing projects to ensure that the application works across various devices and various platforms meeting the standards agreed by the solution provider.
  • Desktop application: Provides testing services to enterprise clients to ensure the functionality, security, integration, packaging, deployment, and usability of the application provided by the solution provider is meeting the expectation, standards, and requirements of the client.

Quality Assurance Services

Provides quality assurance consultation services to our clients for testing assessments, general consulting and coaching. Fixed Cost Projects: For projects of the testing period of 1-3 months or projects with stable and clear requirements Nubeslab will provide quality assurance services for a fixed cost.

For projects which are relatively long-term than fixed cost projects where the total effort cannot be estimated sufficiently and accurately in advance, or if the scope of work is not pre-defined then Nubelab will provide quality assurance services on a time rate basis.

For IT departments of large IT companies or development houses Nubeslab provided a dedicated testing team which will closely work with them on their projects to help to cut testing cost and concentrates on their core development.

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