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Robotic Process Automation : Business Transformation

The RPA landscape had changed considerably in the past several years and has evolved from being purely and emergent phenomenon to being the core theme of discussions amount outsourcing market participants.

RPA adoption achieved its pace from 2015 as businesses demand enhanced operational excellence, agility and cost saving. Now it is the time to consider cognitive automation.

Robotic Process Automation
Robotic Process Automation

 RPA is the application of technology which enables computer software configuration to partially or fully automate human activities which are manual, repetitive and rule-based. RPA has been maturing for the past and is now used for enterprise-scale deployments very quickly and at very low cost. Business adopting to RPA will experience benefits other than cost reduction as below:

  •  Reduced cycle times – A 24×7 operations become possible as software robots are designed to perform tasks faster than a person and do not require break times or rest.
  • Scalability and Flexibility – Software robots can be easily reassigned to a more important process if necessary and once the process is defined they can be quickly instructed to execute the task.
  • Reduction of Human Errors – Robots are programmed to follow rules and produces fewer errors in transactions when compared to humans.
  • Improved Employee morale – Employees gets freed from manual and repetitive tasks which often are very boring. Now they can concentrate and refocus on more rewarding and higher valued activities. Nubeslab provides the below services in the area of business transformation using Robotic Process Automation.


Our RPA Consultants performs quick assessments with process, project and technical experts to identify and capture the potential of implementing a digital workforce over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

Working closely with the process and technical teams our implementation methodology provides a strong structure to evaluate, design, develop, test and implement automation processes. Implementation projects can span from 1 – 6 months depending on the volume and complexity.

While allowing the clients to retain the process knowledge we offer our clients supporting services to maintain their automated process. Aligning with tailored service levels we are able to provide quick response and resolutions to keep the implemented solution current, reusable and maintain integrity.

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