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We at Nubeslab, help you automate and optimise your logistics with customized logistics software, while you focus on what matters the most, your customers. This results in reduced logistics cost, on-time deliveries and a delightful end user experience.
Last mile logistics planning solution
Last mile logistics planning solution

Logistics Software

When you are at the “last mile” of the supply chain, you want to ensure you have the right solution for delivery appointment scheduling to ensure it all runs smoothly and is profitable with least costs involved.

Convenience: The customer can choose a convenient delivery window from among the viable options available.

Faster turn around time: The delivery appointment is established and assigned more quickly (at the point of sale/point of order); and In real time, determines the next available viable appointment slots. In contrast with estimates produced by less sophisticated bucketing systems and lets users see which slots are actually available.

Dependability: Provides visibility to the actual schedule and filters out slots that are not feasible, delivery appointment promises are more reliable—no commitments are made that cannot be fulfilled.

Efficiency at its finest: Enables retailers/last mile couriers to offer their customers convenient appointment options within the parameters of operational efficiency. The sales or customer service rep (or retailer’s website) can make better decisions in scheduling delivery appointments that promote, not hinder, operational efficiency. Up-front address verification avoids more costly consequences of routing to bad addresses later.

Customisation and priorities: The application is configurable to support different levels of service based on different customer or order attributes, enabling retailers to provide premium service levels to highly valued customers.

Scalable solution: Our planning solution platform has been in extensive research phase to cater for the complexity of the problem, finding the optimal result and be able to scale quickly as your business grows.

Highly configurable last mile delivery and field service management platform, Dashrr from Nubeslab is the ideal solution which offers automated delivery Route planning and optimisation with multiple GPS coordinates, automated real time resource allocation, cash and proof of delivery, delivery field service management, and real time tracking, all this in a  power packed last mile delivery and dispatch management module.

The approach to calculating shipping costs seems designed to confuse. Billable weight sometimes does not reflect weight at all, and instead, involves a concept called dimensional weight.To insulate you from the cost of space needed to transport lightweight, but bulky packages, carriers calculate charges based on whichever measurement is greater: the actual gross weight, or the volumetric weight (assuming a package meets a certain size). The application of dimensional weight can penalise shippers of light objects over dense objects.

Fortunately, you can insulate yourself from added costs and you could pack to your advantage using our space density module. It efficiently calculates packing assembly plan for loading packages into containers. It creates the hyper-optimal loading plan, with the heaviest products at the bottom and the lighter objects on top with dynamic pricing requirements.

Dashrr fleet optimisation software, takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information that businesses can act on. For example, most of our customers want to understand how fuel consumption is impacted by driving habits, time of day spent driving, and the vehicle make and model. Dashrr normalises the data to a common measurement, such as U.S. gallons, imperial gallons, and litres, to simplify fuel management.

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