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Innovation and Research

The principal focus of modern custom Research and  Development programs and contract R&D  practices no longer rests on price advantage but is leaning towards collaborative development.
Innovation in Software Development
Innovation in Software Development

Nubeslab’s starting point is a strategy discussion with your organisation to learn the purpose of the change you have in mind – your vision and your challenges in attaining it.

Our teams are proactive in breaking away from the status quo and viewing challenges in new and interesting ways. Our diverse and global teams, together with our collaborative, questioning culture enhance the outcomes we achieve. Companies tend to think in isolation or in boxes around profit/loss, business unit silos, and how they “always” do things. Nubeslab breaks away from this approach and brings a fresh view to the problem solving approach.

Our Research and Development services span all stages of the product life cycle including design, development, testing and quality assurance, incubation labs to test marketability, migration, and localisation or globalisation.

The science of getting computers to act without explicit programming is called machine learning. The idea behind machine learning is that we should really just be able to give machines access to data and they should be able to learn by itself into making decisions or predictions. Machine Learning help in making decisions in our latest logistics planning solution.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected computing devices, mechanical or digital machines to transfer data without human interactions. IoT leverages the use of sensors and actuators to process machine-to-machine interactions. We have been utilising the power or IoT in our logistics planning solution.

Nubeslab is working with algorithms like Genetic Algorithm (GA) to solve various NP Complex problems. We are able to find best possible solutions for various problems like bin packing, workspace planning,  resource optimisation etc..

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