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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprises are looking at IT as the game changer for their businesses to transform end user experience, create new channels of revenue or making their business future-ready. To stay ahead in the current dynamic technology ecosystem, IT departments have to simultaneously work on the new and old technologies.


Enterprise software development
Enterprise software development

We currently support our clients in the e-commerce, logistics and various other domains. Our current major development activities include developing cutting edge, modern solutions to support the e-commerce, on-demand and traditional logistic industries in Malaysia and South East Asia. We are constantly engaging with various industry leaders to expand our offerings to support their growth and develop custom modern applications to support their business. Nubeslab provides the below services for application development and maintenance:

  •  DevOps integrated application development – The mainstream and preferred application development methodology adopted by customers is agile development in order to achieve faster and lower cost development. It is crucial to ensure that the rapid development with continuous deployments are implemented to achieve early business value realization without compromising stability and quality of the systems.
  •  Application maintenance and support – In order to have competitive advantage organizations today want to embrace new technologies that will help them to be agile and improve stability. Our solutions help our clients in continuously improving efficiency, reducing cost, support automation and optimize businesses to drive growth.

Legacy systems hinders any business from growing forward and increases security risk, operational and maintenance cost. Technology changes very quickly creating legacy systems more frequently than before. Our solutions provide our clients to migrate from legacy systems to modern technology solutions with ease. We cover everything needed from requirements gathering, data migration, security and risk assessments. We start be having a value assessment study to understand the implemented solution, associated problems and provides a detailed report on further actions to be taken to modernise legacy applications. 

We help our clients migrate their in-house maintained servers and applications to next generation architecture by utilising the cloud, DevOps, mobile and other enterprise solutions. When required we also help our clients in establishing hybrid or on premise cloud implementations. Migrating existing solutions to the cloud help in better security, easier maintenance, and reduction of cost in operations.

Our multi-expert team is constantly learning and keeping pace with the newer technologies released to the market. This helps us in providing better solutions to our client and creating efficient solutions at lower cost. We provide architecture and technology consulting for application development and maintenance in addition to developing new age solutions using scalable reactive micro services architecture, modernisations and cloud migrations.

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