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Automating Mundane Tasks – Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automating Mundane Tasks – Robotic Process Automation (RPA) January 22, 2018
Automating Mundane Tasks

Advancements in Technology are changing the way people live and how they go about in every aspect of their lives. Researchers are constantly trying to figure out how manual labour and human task can be reduced to the minimum and ease their workload. Many revolutionizing innovations are born out of this thought and today human life is much easier and simple, all thanks to technology.

Believed to be breakthrough technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), takes off considerable workload off humans. The use of Artificial Intelligence to do mundane, routine and tedious tasks like queries, calculations and other complex jobs has brought about a wave of digital transformation. People can now focus more on decision making and governance as they are freed from such time consuming works. The introduction of RPA has resulted in automation of business processes. From something as simple as generating an automated response to an email to assigning the system to complete more complex tasks, RPA is making businesses more efficient as it save time, effort and money.

Robotic Process Automation is changing the face of business as it speeds up the working, cuts off cost from manual repetitive jobs. Business processes become more efficient and flexible and their productivity also increases. This software is especially beneficial for organisations that use many complicated systems which need to work together to complete a specific task. RPA software can interpret specific processes in order to manipulate data, trigger or initiate certain responses or actions. Since such complex tasks are performed by RPA bots the productivity increases manifold and the results are measurable.

RPA bots can also be put to optimum usage depending on the amount of work to be done. During peak business times more bots can be deployed to do the increased workload and get things done at a much faster pace. This reduces the need to hire more personnel to meet the increased business demands. When the business volume decreases then only the required bots can be deployed to do the tasks and others can be laid off for a while. Another way businesses can benefit largely from RPA is the reduced operational costs. Employing RPA cuts down the operational cost to a significant number. Robots can work more hours than any average employee and this in turn results in increased productivity and visible gains for the business.

Robots can deliver consistent, accurate and quality work. A major advantage bots have over humans is that they can deliver perfectly consistent results every time. It reduces the chance of human error and works otherwise tiring jobs for humans for long hours without a break. They do not deviate from the task on hand and is incredibly fast when it comes to complex ones. All this means more accuracy, consistency and quality on the work.

Agility is the key advantage of RPA. For companies who wish to spread out to market spaces are in a constant need to adapt to the changing market scenarios. Using RPA ensure agility as it gives business the ability to scale up and down, branch out or undertake new challenges. This also makes the business to be more flexible, scalable and adaptable.

Recognising the advantage of RPA, we at Nubeslab put RPA to the best use. To scale up the efficiency and business to be agile and cost effective, we use Blue Prism and UiPath for the Robotic Automation Process. This allows us to stay ahead in the business and deliver projects that are consistent in quality with much accuracy.

It is believed that implementation of RPA can have visible results of the reduction of cost in human labour alone. Since it is not industry specific, a number of enterprises from large to small can benefit from Robotic Process Automation.


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